Mahmoud Bakir

Founder & Managing Director

“One of my biggest achievements is creating a work environment where every detail falls into place, giving me the power to state proudly that I love everything about this company.”

Esraa Abdullatif

Social Media Specialist

When all your surroundings are motivating you to be yourself and find your voice, you find that you are able to perform better than you ever expected. When you add fun and creativity to a workplace, the final product is one family creating brilliance

Shaimaa Osama

Digital Media Buyer

“I discovered the atmosphere here is different real quick. Here I found the perfect mix of productivity and friendliness, creating the perfect soil to grow and shine

Social Media Specialist

Menna Elsalhy

Social Media Specialist

To be able to truly soar with your imagination, encounter all possibilities and be able to voice your view are the main factors in having continuous development both in the character and expertise since I first walked through the doors.

Nour Yasser

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Rafeef Hamdan

eCommerce Specialist

Ahmed Elassar

Web Developer

To work in a place where you feel appreciated, always developing and uncovering your potential every step of the way gives each of us an edge to enhance his talents, upgrade his skills and become the best version of himself.”

Omar Eldesouky

Graphic Designer

Nevin Nagy

Graphic Designer

What differentiates us from any other work environment is the true spirit of cooperation and mutual support. Working together with combined effort can take a simple idea to great execution. That’s why teamwork is the true essence of a cohesive work environment.”